Transform page is available for almost all types of objects in FinalMesh. By default only Position/Translation, Rotation and Scale are displayed. Click on More in order to show Pivot Point, Scale Orientation, Rotation Pivot and Rotation Order. All these values are used to generate transformation matrix. This matrix defines a coordinate system for this object and its children.

FinalMesh uses transformation system similar to VRML. The translation, rotation, scale, scaleOrientation and center fields define a geometric 3D transformation consisting of (in order):

  1. a (possibly) non-uniform scale about an arbitrary point;
  2. a rotation about an arbitrary point and axis;
  3. a translation.

Transformation Properties


Position The Position field specifies a translation of the coordinate system.
Rotation The Rotation field specifies a rotation of the coordinate system.
Scale The Scale field specifies a non-uniform scale of the coordinate system. scale values shall be greater than zero.
Constrain Proportions  When checked, changes in one scale component will be populated to rest components.
More Show more controls
Pivot The Pivot field specifies a translation offset from the origin of the local coordinate system (0,0,0).
Scale Orientation The Scale Orientation specifies a rotation of the coordinate system before the scale (to specify scales in arbitrary orientations). The Scale Orientation applies only to the scale operation.
Rotation Pivot This field specifies a rotation angles of coordintae system. Using Rotation Pivot it is possible to orient rotation axes. Rotation order affects this field.
Rotation Order Order of rotation. XYZ - means that firstly rotation performs around X axis, second around Y and around Z after that.
Click on tools menu for additional options. See possible actions below.
Right click on any item Change step, create animation, create new key or view animation track.

Additional actions

Additional actions available inbutton

  • Copy Transform to Clipboard
  • Paste Transform from Clipboard
  • Reset Transform to Defaults - remove transformations
  • Pick Transform - pick transformation from surface of object in viewport. Position will be same as clicked point, Z axis parallel to surface normal.
  • Pick Position - pick position from point of any object in viewport

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