Object Attributes

Attribute section contains various items not directly related to appearance of selected object.

Attribute Properties

Metadata Per object metadata. Learn more.
URL Optionall URL. Meaning may vary depending on export format. You may use Edit Hyperlink Dialog to create or edit URL.
Closed If checked, subobjects of this node can't be selected individually by mouse click. Only this, parent object will be selected.
Protected If checked, object can't be changed. This option is not fully implemented and reserved for future.
No Save If checked, object will be excluded from saving. Not related to finalmesh file.
No Draw Do not draw in viewport and final renderer. This option is mostly used internally, by modifiers in order to disable rendering of subobjects without touching visibiliy state. This option is enabled only if value is checked.
Unselectable Can't be selected with mouse click in viewport.
Shell It's a hint of object shape for various tools in FinalMesh. Closed - object represnts closed shell - solid object, Open - it's a surface, flat or curved, Unknown - type of object is unknown.
Crease Angle If set, custom smoothing angle will be used. If not set, scene default value will be used.
Smoothing Method
Default Use global settings.
Organic Optimized for smooth models
Mechanical Optimized for models with sharp edges

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