Object Appearance

The Appearance page specifies the visual properties of geometry.

Appearance Properties

Materials List of currently assigned materials and local ids.
Render Mode Optional custom render mode. Inherited value means that per scene defined render mode is used. You may select from list of predefined render modes or create your own. This property may be ignored by export plugins.
Opacity Default value is 100, which means that opaque object is still opaque while transparent children object are still transparent. Values less than 100% will make whole sub-tree transparent.

There is a choice from 4 options:

  • Fully Visible
  • Visible Node / Hidden Children
  • Hidden Node / Visible Children
  • Fully Hidden
Faces Visibility

Possible values are:

  • Inherited - use value defined on parent or scene level.
  • Single Sided - render front faces only.
  • Double Sided - render front and back faces.
Cast Shadows Object may receive shadows. Select Inherited Yes or No.
Receive Shadows Select Inherited Yes or No.
May be Clipped Object may be clipped by clipping plane or probably other clipping objects. Select Inherited Yes or No.
Render Stage Select Inherited or one of available render stages.
Default Material Id If material ids are not defined for each face, this value will be used.

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