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A Create menu contains almost all objects that can be created in FinalMesh application.

If at least one object is selected in the scene tree when you create a new object ( related to Primitives, Node, Splines, Fractal, Point Light objects ), you can select where the new object will be placed in the scene tree by holding down one of the following keys:

  • Shift: Makes the new object a child of the selected object.
  • Alt: Makes the new object a parent of the selected object.
  • Ctrl: Places the new object on the same hierarchical level as the selected object (behind it).

Modifiers, Groups and Finishers are created as parent of selected objects. If nothing is selected, empty modifier is created in the root space.

Node Create empty simple node or billboard node.
Primitive Procedural, polygonal parametric primitives. Learn more.
Spline Lines and curves.
NURBS Procedural NURBS, parametric primitives.
Fractal Fractal landscape or planet objects.
Modifiers Special objects. They can modify subobjects or create new ones based of information from them. Learn more.
Finishers Same as modifiers but mostly for applying final modifications to objects. Learn more.
Array Array of source objects. Array duplicates sourecs object and arranges them in a grid, sphere or other form. Learn More.
Measurements Create Dimensions: Length, Width, and Height of an Object.
Light Light object.
Camera Camera object.
Sound Sound object.
Clipping Plane Clipping plane. Learn more.
Image Creates material from image file and attaches this material to new plane primitive.
XRef Reference to another 3d file.
LOD Level of detail.
Group Same as node, but this command automatically puts selected objects into this new node.
Material Create new empty material. Same command is available in material panel.

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