Properties of Light


Type of light. Available types are:

  • Point (Omni), This light casts rays in all directions.
  • Spot - Spotlights cast their rays in just one direction,
  • Directional (Infinite) - This light casts rays in one direction from an infinite distance,
Color Light color
Intensity Value controls the brightness of the light source.
Light Radius Radius of lighting sphere. Used by raytracer in order to simulate area light and generating soft shadows.
Direction Rays direction of spot or directional lights.
Inner Angle For spot lights. Everything inside this angle is fully lit by the spotlight.
Outer Angle For spot lights. Everything outside this angle is not lit by the spotlight. Light intensity falls from 1 to 0 between Inner and Outer angles.
Target Target follow to object. If specified, spot light will follow this object. Target Object.

Attenuation type controls how light intensity decreases with moving away from light source:

  • None - no attenuation
  • Step - light switches off after reaching Inner radius.
  • Linear - Light intensity if constant inside of inner radius, fully off outside of outer radius and lineary decreases from Inner to Outer radius.
  • Inverse Square - represents real light source. Inner radius is distance with 1 intesity. Outside of this radius intesity of light decreases.
Inner Radius Inner light raidus
Outer Radius Outer light radius.

There is a choice from 4 options:

  • Fully Visible
  • Visible Node / Hidden Children
  • Hidden Node / Visible Children
  • Fully Hidden

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