Change Log
  • New icons for primitives and modifiers.
  • Many changes in Cinema 4D plugin.
  • Hotpsots are implemented now and supported by WebGL. See example.
  • Appareance, Attributes and few more properties tabs with default data should be displayed collapsed.
  • Current View is now saved to .fmesh file.
  • Added rotation, zoom and pan around mouse point.
  • Added rotation in world and screen coordinate system.
  • More changes and fixes.
01 April 2016
  • Rhino plugin. Many issues related to importing Rhino files are fixed.
  • NURBS plugin. Added an option to view Control Points and Trim Curves in 3d Viewport.
  • Added an ability to view crease angle used to generate object normals.
  • Fixed an issue with viewing object in additional popup window.
  • Fixed and issue with publishing image background to WebGL application.
23 February 2016
  • Import of textures from 3ds file is improved.
  • VTK import is added.
  • Small changes and fixes.
12 February 2016
  • Fixed an issue with optimizing geometry. May be related to import from obj and few more file formats.
  • Boolean - fixed an issue with processing UV maps.
  • VRML fixed an issue with processing TEXT in PROTO node.
  • Order of file formats in save as pane was chnges
24 January 2016
  • Auto-rotation is added export option [WebGL].
  • Added an ability to customize orbit mode [WebGL].
  • Many changes and optimizations in WebGL export.
  • New tools.
  • New UV View window.
  • New Lightmap channel is added for materials.
  • Ambient Occlusion tool [Professional Edition].
  • UV Unwrap tool [Professional Edition].
  • Many fixes and changes.
20 January 2016
  • WebGL - new option to export scene in one single file. Much smaller.
  • Many optimizations in WebGL export. Now it works faster
  • New 3DS export.
  • Added an ability to reset export options to defaults.
  • Fixed an issue with highlighting hovered polygon.
  • Added possibility to drop multiple files.
  • Added options dialog for raytracer.
  • Fixed an issue with using alpha channel of highlight color.
  • Many fixes and changes.
08 September 2015
  • Cinema 4D import. Fixed an issue with reading loft deformer
  • Many optimizations in WebGL export. Now with autospin option.
  • Fixed an issue with writing instanced objects to VRML file.
  • Many fixes and changes.
21 June 2015
  • Batch rendering is added
  • Fised a bug with textures import in FBX import filter.
  • Zoom to Fit command is added.
  • Many fixes and changes.
3 June 2015
  • Fixes in WebGL publisher: saving bump texture
  • Files with known extensions now should be visible in file browser.
  • Additional options in FBX import filter.
  • Improvements and speed-ups in boolean plugin.
  • Many fixes and changes.
18 May 2015
  • FBX Import plugins is added.
  • Many fixes and changes.
13 May 2015
  • UV Mapper modifier is added.
  • Updated boolean librray.
  • Many fixes and changes.
13 April 2015
  • Many fixes and changes.
15 February 2015
  • Few fixes.
15 February 2015
  • .JTOpen - now with metadata import.
  • ASE, AMF file formats are added
  • .PDF publisher now with metadata export.
  • Metadata browser is added.
  • Batch processing is adeed.
  • Many new commands and features
  • Improvements and fixes.
26 January 2014
  • Fixed an issue in scaling scene into unit cube.
01 December 2014
  • Polygon, Point and Object selection modes are added.
  • Significantly imporved WebGL materials. Now with reflections, diffuse, specular, emissive, opacity maps.
  • Basic measurements.
  • Many changes and fixes.
01 December 2014
  • Addes support touch devices in WebGL export module.
  • Rhino plugin now should handle NURBS surfaces properly.
  • Many changes and fixes in import plugins.
04 November 2014
  • Many changes and fixes
  • Fix face orientatation modifier is added.
  • Linear Subdivision modifier is added.
07 Octber 2014
  • Many changes and fixes
  • WebGL export - normals compression is significantly improved.
  • JTOpen import filter is added.
17 September 2014
  • Many changes and fixes
  • WebGL export - now with per vertex colors.
  • WebGL export - Image backrounds are supported now.
17 August 2014
  • New OpenEXR and HDR file formats.
  • WebGL export - now with texture matrix.
  • WebGL export - new full screen template
  • WebGL export - custom templates are supported now.
  • Many small fixes and changes
06 August 2014
  • Many fixes in Cinema 4D import plugin.
  • Own file .fmesh 3d file format is added.
  • 3D Copy/Cut/Paste commands were added.
  • WebGL new features: Vector graphics (lines, splines, etc), opacity, better compression.
  • Minor fixes.
30 July 2014

This is an initial public release.

16 July 2014