If you are looking for modern, sophisticated and easy to use converter, FinalMesh is what you need.

How to create 3D PDF model?

Load any 3d model into FinalMesh application, choose best view and in File menu select Save As , PDF. Select template, tweak export options. Click Export and view file in Adobe Acrobat. Everything is really that simple.

Save to 3D PDF

A great feature of FinalMesh PDF publisher is in displaying PDF in the same way as it will look in Adobe Acrobat. You may rotate or zoom a model in order to select a perefect initial point of view, select render mode or light type. Model in Acrobat will look in the same way.

Acrobat with 3D modelFeatures


FinalMesh works quite close with priPrinter application. priPrinter - our PDF authoring software and printing software.

There are two possible scenerious.

  1. Create templates in priPrinter and save it for use in FinalMesh.
  2. Save 3D model as .u3d file in FinalMesh and use this model in priPrinter.

First choice is If you want to create similar PDFs with different 3D content, while second one is for inserting a 3d model into many PDFs.

Create template

For creating template, priPrinter license is not required.

Insert 3D into priPrinter

By using this method you may insert many 3d models into single PDF file.


Dragon Toy Plane    

Dragon.pdf (1MB)

Toy_Airplane.pdf (1.8MB)    


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Toy Plane model by Courtesy of The Pixel Lab