FinalMesh.WEB is a perfect foundation for viewing and sharing 3D content on the web. No plugins are required - it instantly works in any modern browser.

WebGL 3D Viewer

Fast and small 3D Viewer, with great visualization speed. It feels like desktop application.

  • Classic viewport navigation: Orbit, Zoom, Pan
  • Zoom via camera dolly or via Field of view
  • Materials, Textures, Transparency
  • Per pixel lighting
  • Solid or textured background
  • Many special optimizations for heavy models.

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3D Editor

It behaves like regular desktop 3D editor. Just select Move (or Rotate, Scale) mode, pick any object and move it.

  • Fast Object picking
  • Highlighting of selected object
  • Rotate, Scale, Move modes
  • Move along axis: X,Y,Z or plane: XY, YZ, XZ
  • Rotate around: X,Y,Z
  • Scale in any direction: X,Y,Z
  • Undo/Redo


HTML and Javascript

Viewer was made on Javascript and WebGL without 3rd plugins or heavy libraries. Works in any modern browser. Geometry data is stored and rendered on video card which gives great speed and response.
Page or only frame can be used as is or integrated into web site.


Data files are small and compact. This is really great.
In most cases size is smaller than zipped 3D model in original file format. As result model will apper on the screen much faster then it will be downloaded as a file.
AJAX Geometry is loaded in background and appears on the screen.


There are many components available.

  • Cross section
  • Hotspots
  • Scene Information dialog
  • Bounding boxes or construction grid
  • Wireframe render mode
  • Markups and Mesurements


Default appearance and functionality can be modified in order to fit very specific requirements. For instance vieport rotation may be lmited to top hemisphere only, or replaced to walkthrough or fly navigation. Objects may be added from content library on the fly, and more.

Usage Scenarios

There are few ways of using FinalMesh.WEB.

Finally, there is no subscription, you are free to keep data on your web or local server.

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