Viewport Properties

Panel with list of viewport properties


From Position (from) of camera in local coordinate system
To Target (to) camera point in local coordinate system
Up Up camera point in local coordinate system
Perspective Perspective or Orthogonal camera
FOV Field of view in degree. Used by perspective camera
Diameter Diameter of view volume
FOV Type Measurement of FOV/Diameter: horizontal, vertical, diagonal or maximum/minimum from width/height
Scale Orthogonal camera scale factor. Used by orthogonal camera


Render Mode Render mode. You may select from list of predefined render modes or create your own
Lights Mode Use standard lightings, scene lighting or both
Standard Lights Choice from set of standard lights

Learn more about lighting.


Use Materials Use custom materials or use default one.
Phong Lighting Use phong mapping. This may be just a hint to viewport renderer - depending on material and rest settings.
Use Textures Display textures in materials
Global Bounding Box Display global, scene bounding box
World Axis Diplay sceme axis. Shape, Size and position can be configured in options of Viewport.
Cameras Show cameras
Lights Show Lights
Bones Show bones
Show Back-Facing Polygons Show or ignore back facing polygons.
Shadows Show real-time viewport shadows.
Motion Path Show motion path of animated object.
Show Weights Show per vertex weights, if available.
Show Normals Show per vertex normals
NURBS Surface & Trim Curves Show NURBS control points, trimming curves and additionl information.
X-Ray Show objects in X-Ray mode. X-Ray mode can be configured in options of Viewport.

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