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Image Tools for currently loaded bitmap image.
Transform Transform all objects in the scene.
  • Fit to unit cube
    Scale and center geometry to fit into cube with edge 1 size.
  • Fit to custom box
    Scale and center geometry to fit into box of arbitrary size.
  • Offset, Rotate, Rescale
    Apply transformations.
Find Duplicates Locates similar objects in the whole sceme and replaces al of them to instances of the first object.
Remove Unused Materials find not used materials and remove them.
Merge Materials Find similar materials and remove them.
Load Textures... Load missed textures from different location.
Update Thumbnail Updates thumbnail of current file with current point of view.
Ambient Occlusion... Calculate ambient occlusion texture maps. Learn more
Randomize... Randomize scene.
UV Unwrap Learn more
Generate LOD Levels Create LOD object on top of selected objects and generate required number of low quality objects. Learn more

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