Model Views

List of views - Model Views. Model View is combination of Name, Description, Thumbnail, Camera position, Camera properties, Animation and visibility set, Animation properties. In CAD software model view  may be known as Model View, Named View, Favourite or just View.

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Create Model View

Click on Add button or click on down arrow and in submenu select additional options.

Simple click on Add button will create model view with camera properties and thumbnail only. Rest commands will create model view with visibility set or recorded positions of objects. Visibility or object position are implemented via animation. Where visibility is recorded as visibility track, position as set of position/rotation/scale keys.

Anytime later it is possible to update thumbnail, camera, visibility or object positions by right clicking on model view and selecting required action in context menu. Rest properties may be changed Model View Properties dialog.

Mouse & Keyboard

  • Single click - select item.
  • Double click on item in the list - activate item.
  • Right Click - open context menu.
  • Delete - delete selection

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