Mesh Inspector

This panel shows content of polygonal mesh object or mesh generated by procedural/modifier object.

Source Mesh Selection

For complex objects, combobox on top of this panel provides a way to select mesh from list. This may be the case when modifier is selected. Modifier, internally, may produce many meshes.

Mesh Components

Mesh components are organized into array of items, each item has it's own button. Depending of internals, choice of buttons may vary:

  • Faces - array of faces will be shown. In this mode all faces, including texture, normal and color faces are displayed. Optional per face attributes are here as well:
    * Wrong or unsupported data. Usually this is the result of corrupted file
    N Size of face ( number of vertices in polygon)
    m Material index
    f Face. Array of vertices
    s Smoothing groups
    n Normal faces. Indices of per vertex normal
    t Texture faces for first UV channel. Indices of per vertex UV coordinates
    tN Second, third, etc UV channel. Up 16 UV channels is supported
    id Surface identifier
    EW edge weights. Where edge 0 is formed by vertices 0-1 , edge 1 by vertices 1-2, ...
    clrD Per vertex diffuse colors
    clrS Per vertex specular colors
    clrE Per vertex emissive colors
    In order to search face by vertex number use search field. In this mode hovering mouse on the list should highlight face in 3d window and hovering mouse on 3d object, should highlight face in the list. If you don't need this behavior, uncheck link button.
  • Vertices - array of 3d points. Number of points and format - float or double are displayed in the status bar.
  • Normals - per vertex normals. Normals may be part of 3d file or may be auto generated. This informtion is in status bar.
  • UV coordinates. These UV coordinates are shared by all UV faces. FinalMesh supports many UV maps, but they use single UV array. This helps to save some memory.
  • Colors - per face colors.
  • More - vertex weights, edge weights, pixel size, volume, custom items, etc.

Face Context Menu

Right click on Face to get context menu

  • Delete Face
  • Copy as text to clipboard

Tools menu

Click on tools menu in order to get access for additional functions:

  • Copy list to clipboard
  • Remove mesh IDs
  • Remove UV channels
  • Remove per vertex normals.
  • Check mesh.
  • etc

Follow Selection

When follow selection is on, this panel will update content when scene selection is changed. If follow selection is off (like on this image), panle will keep focus on previously selected object.

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