Help - Objects

Scene tree is the place where you can view all objects in scene. It provides standard features for viewing and manipulating objects.

Objects in FinalMesh are orgainized in a tree. Each object may have children objects, any object may be inserted many times in multiple parents. Just one exception - object can't be inserted directly or indirectly into itself.

Object has many it's own attributes along with properties of insertion.

Common object properties
Insertion of object has following properties
Transformation position, rotation, scale, shear
Visibility Visibility is splitted into visibility of object itself and visibility of subobjects. Left clicking on visibility checkbox chages both of them. Right click to change individual properties.
Material or Materials. Objects with appearance are highlighted with color in the scene tree.
Opacity Opacity of object and children object. Works in additional to opacity in materials.
Appearance flags Cast shadows, receive shadows, render mode, etc.
Misc flags Closed, Protected, No Save, No Draw, Unselectable.





Right click on any object in order to receive context menu with possible actions.



In order to search object by name, just type name in FinalMesh search box.


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